Day 01


Opening ceremony and keynote addresses

The opening session includes keynote speeches from officials and influencers in the capital markets, providing insights into the status and prospects of global and Arab capital markets.

First panel: Regulatory Developments

• An overview of the most important developments taking place in Arab capital markets.
• Regulatory challenges for Arab capital markets: protecting investors and enhancing transparency.
• The impact of geopolitical changes on capital markets.
• The role of oversight bodies in containing regional and international risks and fluctuations in financial markets.
• How do oversight bodies contribute to supporting and enhancing cooperation and development of Arab financial markets?
• The future of Arab capital markets considering increasing competition and technological development.


Second panel: Sustainability and Governance: Regulatory Perspective

• Effective oversight of the application of environmental, social responsibility and governance (ESG) principles.

• The role of enforcement in building an effective governance culture.

• Ratification of the principles of the International Sustainability Board (ISSB): the role of regulatory authorities in enforcing them.

• Improve integration, compatibility, and comparability of sustainability reporting.

• How does establishing carbon markets contribute to promoting sustainability principles?

• Overview of sustainable bonds in the Arab capital markets.

Third panel: Technology: Key Driver for Capital Markets Transformation

• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML): How it contributes to the development of capital markets.

• The role of blockchain and modern regulatory solutions (RegTech) in enhancing market oversight.

• Risks and regulatory considerations for virtual assets.

• How does financial technology contribute to facilitating the flow of internal funds? Passporting.


Fourth panel: Outlook for Arab Stock Exchanges

• Derivatives markets, central counterparty (CCPs), and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

• Promoting foreign investment and facilitating KYC entry and exit policies.

• Alternative Financing: Crowdfunding, Peer 2 Peer Lending: What’s the effect on stock exchanges?

• Enhancing trading transparency and access to high-quality data.

• How does Islamic finance contribute to supporting the development of financial markets?

Fifth panel: Combatting Financial Crimes: The Role of Regulators

• Recent developments and standards in combating money laundering and terrorist financing (AML/CFT).

• Combating cybercrime: stress testing.

• Anti-bribery and corruption: risk-based approach, compliance and whistle blowing.

• Combating money laundering crimes: regulatory role and compliance.