John Turner

Mr. John Turner, CEO of XBRL International, has led the organisation for a decade. XBRL International works to enhance transparency and accountability in business performance by developing and managing the XBRL standard. XBRL is a set of open, freely licensed data exchange specifications that permit the digital production and consumption of reports of all kinds. The organisation is a global not for profit that operates in the public interest. Since 2017, XBRL International has been focussed on a range of questions associated with the digitisation of sustainability disclosures.

Previously, Mr. Turner served as CEO of CoreFiling, led XBRL activities at KPMG International LLP, and spearheaded the world’s first regulatory project using XBRL for data collection, at APRA, the Australian financial regulator. He is a strong advocate for practical standards to enhance reporting and collaborates with consortium members and regulators worldwide. His educational background includes degrees in Law and Arts (Computer Science and Government) from the University of Queensland. He is based in Oxford, in the UK.