Supporting Partner: ManafSoft

Since the founding of ManafSoft and after more than 32 years of its systems implemented at brokerage firms, banks, public shareholding companies and asset management firms in the GCC and MENA region; we have become one of the major regional providers for brokerage, shareholders, asset and fund management, FATCA, AML, and KYC solutions.

We owe this success to the strong commitment of our teams, and the loyalty and confidence our customers have bestowed
upon us.

ManafSoft has a historic presence in Jordan, where its applications have been in the market since 1986.

ManafSoft has a very powerful presence with partners and branches in the GCC and MENA region who in turn provide round the clock local support to all our clients.

ManafSoft is the first company to sign agreements for providing brokerage, order management, online trading, and IPO systems in the Libyan, Syrian and Iraqi Markets.

ManafSoft enjoys a deep understanding of the region’s capital markets and the evolution they have gone through over the past 32 years.