Gold Partner: Cairo Amman Bank

Since its establishment as a Jordanian public company in 1960, CAB has been keen on employing its strong capital and its Six-decade, well-founded experience to play a distinguished leading role in promoting the national economy through providing a distinct and inclusive range of services and successful banking solutions that fulfill the various needs of its customers. CAB’s pioneer services added a new dimension to the society’s projects by financing the development projects as well as small, medium and micro projects that shore up the Jordanian economy. Additionally, CAB responds to its customers’ instant needs by providing personal loans based on the transfer of the borrower’s salary to CAB. It further provides investment services, credit cards, and bank transfers, using its outstanding integrated network of branches in Jordan, Palestine and Bahrain. CAB provides its customers with a wide range of assorted, innovated banking services that suit all customer categories and meet all their banking, financial and investment requirements. Also, CAB offers a bunch of electronic banking services by means of its website , www.cab.jo, which enables the customers to undertake banking transactions from wherever they may be. These distinct services reflect CAB’s new corporate identity, which exemplifies modernity and values of openness and camaraderie in the interest of all customers and to achieve maximum benefits free of traditional restrictions.

Being keen on making it easier to serve its customers, CAB established a large network of automatic telling machines installed at various areas in Jordan, Palestine and Bahrain. CAB takes pride in being the first bank in the world to introduce the iris print as a means of identification allowing customers to access their bank accounts and doing away with the ATM cards and the pass (secret) number. Thus, the system recognizes the customer and allows him to access his account and complete his banking transaction either at the service counter or at the ATM at the branches. This is done in order to make things easier for the customers and provide them with sufficient protection and security, as CAB believes in leadership in the use of modern technology in the banking sector.

With its banking efficiency, investment and financial capability, and outstanding experience, CAB proceeds forward to prop up the national economy and provide leading banking services that raise the standards of the Jordanian citizen.