Media Partner: Jordan TV

Jordan Radio and Television Corporation (JRTV) is the state broadcaster of Jordan. It was formed in 1985 from the merger of Jordan Radio and Jordan Television.
Jordan's first radio broadcasts were received from other countries in the Middle East. Initially known as Transjordan, it did not adopt a radio service of its own until 1948. Radio Jordan first broadcast in 1956. Today it broadcasts a 24-hour Arabic service, as well as an English language service for 21 hours per day and a French language service for 13 hours per day.
Mission To provide meaningful national information devoted to freedom of expression and opinion within an atmosphere based on independent and responsible expressions of all classes and sectors of the nation.
Provide a radio and television broadcast that covers Jordan.
Spread Jordan's message to the globe.
Coverage of national events and news to all concerned citizens.
Promote dialogue and confirmation of opinions.
Loyalty: to the country and the king.
Neutrality: not to adopt a view over another.
Transparency: clarity of procedures and processes.